Dave Sills

Dave used a Shure microphone (a KSM 32 if you want to get specific) to record all his vocal tracks on Waiting Room and Sometimes Nothing. At live shows, you'll find him singing into a Shure as well (SM58 or Beta58). If you see him walking around town with his iPod, he's using some Shure E2 Sound Isolating Earphones. Shure picked Dave as one of ten featured artists for 2006. Check it out in issue 20 of Shure Notes.
The Music Gallery - Highland Park, IL
Dave got his new Gibson here. They match a great selection of fine guitars with a knowledgable and honest staff. Imagine going into a guitar store where the guitars are all properly setup, in tune, and with fresh strings on them - then stop imagining because it's a reality at The Music Gallery.