Dave Sills

Peter Himmelman

Quite impressive.

Trampoline Records

Simply put, Dave Sills is a great artist and 'Sometimes Nothing' is a great record. When I first got a hold of Dave Sills' 'Sometimes Nothing' CD, I was not expecting to find something that I connected to so much. But, as a music fan, I think that's the beauty of a really great artist - they make you feel things you didn't expect...and you dig it. For starters, Dave has one of those voices that you get all lost in. At times there are hints of (early, solo) Ryan Adams and sometimes a little Jakob Dylan. It's familiar without drawing direct comparisons. And then there's the songwriting. Take, for instance, "Flawed Magic" where our hero likens the end of a relationship to a parlor trick gone wrong. Not only is it one of the most clever analogies I've ever heard, it's like the guy has tapped into my very own relationship-challenged mind. Ditto on "Keep Running" (my favorite track) where he muses "in the movie of my life, I'm an extra". So true. There are lots of standouts here, though. And not just for the lovelorn. This is a record that, after numerous spins, continues to inspire me and console me and resonate in my soul.

The Old Town School of Folk Music - Chicago, IL

Refreshingly low-key... [with an] endearing wit that sets Sills apart from other singer-songwriters and has won him a legion of fans.

WXRT 93.1 FM Chicago

Really nice songs on here.

CD Baby

Alison says: This CD is great; the songs are very catchy and wonderful. Three thumbs up!

Heidi says: The day I received the CD I popped it into my changer and it's been on heavy rotation ever since. Such an amazing debut from an artist I'm confident is going places.

Emily says: The CD is great. I've been listening to it over and over. I love it!! Great catchy music.

Laurie says: The lyrics and music are so well suited for each other on this album that listening to each track makes me feel like I've had a very full and complete listening experience. The songs unfold in a wonderful way and the listener is drawn into and made a part of them. This album is an excellent effort and leaves me anxious for the next one!

'Campismylife' says: Even though I have been listening to this album for quite some time---I still love it! I find very few albums in which I can sit through the whole album without skipping tracks but I sit through this album on a regular basis. Everyone I play it for, falls in love with it also--instantly. Can't wait for the next album.

Azul says: Dave Sills has a new fan. It only took a few chords of Strength to Strength and knowing he's a Peter Himmelman fan for me to buy Sometimes Nothing... but as the music and words to Rivers Will Rise soared from my speakers and into my soul, I realized this man is beyond talented - he's a rarity, a treasure. I catch myself merrily drifting along, being carried away by his voice. Mere words can not do this album justice. An instant favorite. I can not believe I haven't had this CD in my life untill now. Thank you Dave for spreading such grace, talent and beauty into our days and lives. I can only hope I can turn on as many of my friends on to your music. I feel like a kid, "hey everyone, wait'll you hear this!!"