Dave Sills

Soul Sickness

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Dave Sills
Dave Sills


Dave Sills: vocals, acoustic guitar


Standing on a corner and it’s pouring rain Drops race down the window panes Of the telephone booth I’m standing in The door won’t close and the rain hits my skin Scrounge through my pockets for my quarters and dimes Need to hear her voice on the line I drop in the coins they go jangle and jing I dial up her number but it just rings and rings And I feel like a half in a world of wholes ‘Cause I’ve got this sickness in my soul I dial her again but I guess she’s not home And I’ve never ever felt so alone All I really needed was for her to say “hi” Or to tell me everything is gonna be all right Now I feel like a half in a world of wholes And I’ve got this sickness in my soul And I’m tired of being lonely, so tired of being afraid But if I could hear her words it would start to end this pain That’s in my soul - it’s way down inside written by Dave Sills published by Dave Sills (ASCAP) (c) 1994, (p) 2003, all rights reserved original version appears on True Fiction (WSR 001)

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